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Each month Brian Weaver, Illinois Coordinator of Appraisers, Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, writes a Newsletter. Mr. Weaver is a true student of appraising. He has spent years as an expert witness, understands the practical application of USPAP and has overseen many complaints against appraisers. When the appraiser is right, he protects the appraiser. When the appraiser has violated USPAP or worse, broken the law, Mr. Weaver will see to it that the appraiser is penalized. We suggest you read and heed his comments. The link to his Newsletter can be found here and click NEWSLETTERS.

The Appraisal Institute also provides continuous updates on industry and regulatory standards and other very informative information concerning your profession. We encourage you to go to and keep yourself updated on market trends, legal and regulatory issues, etc.

* The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation Newsletter
* The Appraisal Institute News & Advocacy